Sunday, March 16, 2014

Five Months

Jane turned 5 months old on Monday and had a milestone-filled week.  She moved in with Anne, then slept through the night 4 times in a row.  She tried baby oatmeal and sweet potatoes (which she LOVED).  Today she rolled over from her tummy to her back multiple times, and did a pretty good tripod sit.  She laughs when Daddy tickles her and when you take her shirt off (?)

We also had her dedication at church this morning.  She was a trooper through the whole thing (as were her siblings)

Loves to eat her toes!  Just pull off her socks and let her go to town.

Attempted photo shoot.  Jane was wearing a dress that Oma bought for Anne before she was even born!  Anne wore it for her first Easter.

Monday, March 3, 2014

All about the Jane

Her many expressions

Constantly eating her fingers!

Jane is fast approaching the 5 month mark!  She is the most happy, content, pleasant baby.  Love her so much!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 x 4 months

12 lbs, 8 oz

14 lbs, 2 oz
13 lbs, 12 oz

13 lbs, 12 oz

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Calvin Update

Taking in the Wild game at the X

He climbs up in his chair all by himself

This is what I see anytime I eat anything...


With his best baby (he's such a good big brother!)
Here's a bit about Cal at (almost) 21 months:

--He walks, runs, and climbs like a champ.  We always say he has good "body awareness", meaning good balance and dexterity.

--He shoots baskets, shoots hockey pucks, and throws a ball very well.

--He can string 3-4 words together.  He says things like, "Here you go, Dad" and "Nice catch, Mama"  He also tattles on his siblings by saying things like, "Bobo took puck!" and "My stick!  Tooken!"

--He knows that "C" is for Calvin and his name is "Calvin Gway-shub Wes-phall"

--Can identify star, heart, circle, and triangle (not so good with colors yet)

--He loves Jane.  He looks for her, tells me when she's crying, and is generally very sweet to her.

--Tries to sing a few songs like "Jesus!  This is know!" and "Cookie, cookie, C"

--Starting to identify and name NHL teams.  He's good with Predators, Blackhawks, and Wild

--Loves the Wild, especially Nino, Suter, and Harding

--He loves to play with our little plastic "hockey guys".  He randomly named one of the goalies "Poopy Pants" (which we all find hilarious).  He also makes them fight, then yells, "Get off!"

--Still has lots of baby pronunciations of words like "chockick" (chocolate), my-aldee, (my little deedee), and "weffawee" (referee).

--He is good at identifying all farm animals and a few more exotic animals like kangaroos, lions, tigers, and an octopus

--He has climbed into the bathtub a few times with his clothes still on.  Kid LOVES the tub!

--Likes to read Sports Illustrated (and any book, really)

--He's had a few big-boy haircuts now.  He sits very nicely if he gets the sucker BEFORE we start and he can eat it in the chair :)

--We trick him into wearing his hat and mittens by calling them his helmet, catch glove, and blocker.

Calvin is growing into a very sweet little guy.  It is hard for us to remember some days that he isn't even 2 years old yet!  He tries very hard to keep up with his older siblings, but sometimes he wants to just "nuggle" with us like a baby.  We are enjoying watching him grow and change every day.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Phone Pictures

When you have a baby, sometimes it is easier to snap a photo with your phone than track down the "real" camera.  I noticed I had sets of threes, so here's Jane over the first 6 weeks:

Day One
Day Two
9 Days Old

4 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November, Phase 1

Sleeping on the couch

Building their "Haunted House" (a Halloween gingerbread house).  I can't believe how nicely they worked together and enjoyed this project.  Thanks, Auntie Mich, for sending it to us!

One month old already!

Annoyed Baby

We had to document her coordinating headband/outfit combo

Still Annoyed Baby

What you see if you zoom out from the photo shoot...

Mom and Sam

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Sammy as Wild player Justin Fontaine

Cal as the dalmatian puppy

Penguin #4--Jane

Anne and her teacher in the costume parade

She's Secretariat's jockey Ron Turcotte.  I made that costume for $1.50.  Boo yah!

Sammy's preschool class.  The Westphalls are always in the minority with their homemade costumes.